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Department: electronics
SubDepartment: soundss
The MS1000BT is a home audio entertainment system ideal for any occasion. Fitted out with an amplifier, two satellite speakers, a remote control, and a wireless microphone, the MS1000BT is packed with all the features you need to get the party going. All this packaged in a crisp, stylish design, sporting LED effects as well as sleek, eye-catching ABS molding. For an unrivaled listening experience, the system has a peak output of 4000 watts ensuring the MS1000BT can fill any home with vibrant, sizzling audio. In addition, the MS1000BT also sports dual 10” woofers that allow it to dish out exceptional bass. For highs and midrange audio, both satellite speakers come with powerful tweeters and midrange drivers. Together, these features ensure the MS1000BT covers the full audio spectrum from highs to lows.

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